Hair-wash Powder/Arappu Podi, 100g

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Arappu Powder is a versatile leaf based hair wash powder, made from the leaves of Albizia amara.

Using arappu podi is known to be cooling for the head and eyes and is known to delay greying & improve eye sight. Completely natural, good for the hair, skin, water and soil!

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Product Details


Arappu Powder is a versatile leaf based hair wash powder made from the leaves of Albizia amara.

Mix the green coloured powder well in water. See that there are no lumps and apply to wet hair.It feels a little slippery/slimy once mixed with water. It lathers mildly and washes oil and leaves the hair clean and also gives a mild conditioning effect.

Using arappu podi is known to be cooling for the head and eyes and is known to delay greying & improve eye sight.Completely natural, good for the hair, skin, water and soil!

It is prepared by women living in a tribal village near the outskirts of Coimbatore and is a means of livelihood for them.Living in an area with increasing instances of animal attack on crops, growing food crops has become almost impossible for these communities. Collecting and processing minor forest produce is a viable means of livelihood for these women.

The women pluck the leaves of Albizia amara (looks like tamarind leaves), clean, remove the stems and other parts , dry and powder it. It is powdered fine therefore easy to wash off and easy to use. Earlier these leaves could not be powdered fine and would stick in the hair. This used to be a popular hair wash option among the rural women till the one rupee shampoo sachets became all the rage & most shifted to these sachets adding to plastic waste even in the villages.


Let us also try to move to an Eco-friendly, low carbon footprint local, organic diet using as many of our miracle grains. Eating organic & local will also support our farmers, livelihoods and organic paddy ecosystems that are integral to water management as well!

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