Rakthashali Red Rice (Raw), 1Kg

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Rakthashali Red Rice is an ancient variety of medicinal red raw rice from Kerala. It is known to balance the "tri-doshas" according to Ayurveda and has excellent curative properties


This rice can be cooked in the pressure cooker or the traditional way in an open vessel (closed with a normal lid).

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Rakthashali Red Rice is an ancient variety of medicinal red raw rice from Kerala. It is known to balance the "tri-doshas" according to Ayurveda and has excellent curative properties.


This rice can be cooked in the pressure cooker or the traditional way in an open vessel (closed with a normal lid).


All the medicinal rices are usually offered as raw rice for the superior bio-availaibility of their properties


Raw rices are produced by milling the paddy directly.

In the conventional production cycle the paddy is de-husked and polished to make it completely bran free, making it devoid of fibre and many other nutrients. Therefore it is especially important to eat raw rices as much as possible with their bran.

Our farmers and farmer groups process the rice as full bran rice , in which no bran is removed; only the husk is removed. This is colloquially called "Kai Kuthal Arisi" in Tamil .

However, some rices are also processed with a single touch polish or what is called "semi-polished rice", which carries some of the bran. Since this is most preferred by many people who are used to white polished rices, we offer some of these types also.

Many of the rices are processed after ageing the paddy. The ageing process also influences cooking time of the rice and cooking and grain quality. That is why sometimes different batches of the same rice variety takes different amount of time to cook.


We at Bio Basics are trying to popularize traditional rice varieties. We recommend that you try various rices during the year. As every rice has its own nutritional profile, using a variety of rices can give us many micro nutrients, which we may be missing otherwise due to our standard diet of a couple of polished rices.


Let us also try to move to an Eco-friendly, low carbon footprint local, organic diet using as many of our miracle grains. Eating organic & local will also support our farmers, livelihoods and organic paddy ecosystems that are integral to water management as well!

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